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7 rules of choosing a CRM solution for Your business

7 rules of choosing a CRM solution for Your business

Today every entrepreneur is clear how important it is to attract and retain clients. Time passed a low competitive market - now for the client you need to fight constantly to prove to him that You are the best! Little to take highly skilled teachers, make a good repair, you need to convey to customers, You're good, to motivate him to come to You, and in the future - to maintain interest in Your establishment. In the fight for the client come first, the business processes of sales, and the Central administrator or sales Manager is one of the key figures.

Along with this, an important place in business, now is the automation of business processes attract and keep customers, because this powerful tool allows you to significantly reduce labor costs of managers on work with clients and therefore save money business owners, as well as to protect the business from a human factor (errors of the administrative staff). It is important that the selected CRM solution was really Your assistant, and You do not create additional difficulties. We want to share with You the basic rules of the choice program to work with clients for Your business.

Rule # 1. If You are new – use already gained other experience, not to delay the implementation of a CRM solution.
If You are just starting your business, i.e. preparing to open or have recently opened – congratulations! You're in luck! You have already formed business processes, already accustomed to certain actions of the staff – You can build Your business processes from scratch, armed with the existing and approved other experience. Believe me, this is much easier than changing the existing way of work. It is therefore not necessary to proceed with the implementation of business processes of sales, they should be introduced from the first days of work of Your institution.

Rule # 2. The choice of a CRM solution cannot be delegated, it is the task of the owner.
The choice of a CRM solution should be implemented directly by the business owner or person, highly motivated to making a profit (for example, a Director whose incomes directly depend on profit). In any case it is impossible to shift this decision to the accountant or administrator. Remember that You and them have different goals. The increase in profit is the only goal You need to pursue when selecting a CRM solution. I will increase sales using the program? the question is of paramount importance. As Maria Ivanovna will keep a record? – question of the second plan. Don't listen to the advice of Your subordinates when you select software product, the parts that are "harmful" advice.

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